YPD Media

Bacterial peptone10g10g
  1. Autoclave the mixture.
  2. Prepare for
    1. For liquid media:
      1. Add 50 mL of sterile 40% (w/v) glucose and mix.
    2. For agar plates:
      1. While stirring the autoclaved mixture on a magnetic stir plate, add 50 mL of sterile 40% glucose per liter of media
      2. Pour to sterile plates and cool to solidify.

YPD/5-FOA Plate

  • Mix 450ml of YPD agar media with the following while stirring at 65°C:
    • 25mg of uracil
    • 50ml of Dextrose
    • 700mg of ura powder.
  • Autoclave before use.