Screen Printed Electrode Based Biosensors

Screen printing is a widely used paste printing method. It is used in various industries such as textile, electronics and advertising. It can also be used to print electrodes on plastic or ceramic substrates to create a basis for electrochemical biosensors. Most common screen printed biosensor is the glucose meter. It is used to check sugar levels in blood. In our laboratory we use screen printing to create various electrochemical biosensor prototypes.

Figure 1: Our metodology for printing electrodes.

Lateral Flow Assay Based Biosensors

Lateral flow assay is a commonly used method for immunologic point of care tests such as the pregnancy test used by millions of women every day. We created a DIY system to build our own test strips in our laboratory which we are currently working with to create various biosensor designs.

Figure 2: Our methodology for creating lateral flow assay strips.